The Top Five Websites To Buy Vinyl Online

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Vinyl Records

I love vinyl records. I always have and always will. I have over five thousand records and that’s just my personal collection. I’m not even including the records from family and friends. There is nothing like buying a record, in mint condition and putting it on your records player. CD’s ? I-Tunes ? They are nice and I have my fair share of those too. But vinyl records and buying your music on a vinyl format will always take priority for me.

Over the years I have purchased from numerous websites. It will be to easy to point you towards Amazon or EBay or discogs. Those sites are tooting their own horn so they hardly need me to prop them up when they are doing perfectly fine. Plus, strike me down, my dealings with those sites have not been as efficient as others. OK, so these are the top five websites to buy vinyl online (In no order) that I believe are the best sites are there for vinyl records.


If you are fan of garage music and vinyl records.

This is the site for you.

Over 12 thousand vinyl records to choose from, competitive prices and not only that but a wide selection of cds, bags and electronics and vinyl accessories, very fast deliveries and update to date stock with many offers and a good search function.


Records By Mail

A vinyl records site for the lovers of blues music. Free shipping for orders over $250 and a wide variety of music, hip hop and rock. What I like about this site is that pop up style purchase menu. I have never had problem with orders, always deliver were on time. Contact page is easy to find, not something that you have to search for. There is a variety of payments methods not just ability to use paypal.


Norman Records

A vinyl record website for the lovers of indie and rock music. A very detailed website which gives the user everything they need. Each vinyl record informs you of its shipping methods and sometimes a video review and a description. Not every vinyl record has a video attached to it or review but the fact that this website has put reviews, videos on a significant numbers of its vinyl collection is beyond the scope of most if not all the vinyl websites I have seen (And I have seen a lot). This site goes the extra mile for its customers and it’s one of the vinyl websites I use prominently. It has a thriving Twitter and Facebook page.


Vinylnet is a UK based online record site with three shops based around the UK. This is website is not specialized in one musical genre but more of an all rounder. What I like about this site is that each vinyl record is graded on (M = Mint Ex= Excellent VG= Very Good Gd= Good scale) Like with all these websites, you can use pay pal as well bank cards and an easy to us interface as well as prompt deliveries with no delays.



A UK based website that mainly deals in rocks music and country and western music. A clean interface and very easy of use with an easy to use contact system.