TheHipHopRecords Now Selling – Derek B (Bad Young Brother)

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The Bad Young Brother

bad young brother
I know he gets a lot of flak Derek B. But I’ve got to give him a mention. I guess this is a belated RIP. He died at the age of forty four in 2009. Much too young. One of the first hip hop tracks I bought was in 1990 and yes it was Derek B’s Bad Young Brother

Yeah sure it wasn’t as worldly recognized as the sugarhill gangs rappers Delight. Or as gangster as NWA’s Niggas For Life or as political as Public Enemys It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.

Truth be told it was a mimic of LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad”. But nevertheless without him. I may not be doing what I’m doing today. So TheHipHopRecords says much love.

Derek-B Bad Young Brother