(Song For The Month) PrettyBoy Bam-Round Here

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(Song For The Week) Prettyboy Bam-Round Here

Song for the week is a new monthly edition of songs that will be posted on TheHipHopRecords. It will be one song per month. It takes a lot for me to big up a song as most of the stuff I hear is wack as hell but this PrettyBoy Bam-Round Here is a great track. It’s has a very catchy hook and I love energy and vibe that you get from the video. I just came upon it as I do most of the songs, simply by browsing.

These are young guns who trying to make their way and have formed their own independent record label called Hooligan Mobb. The anchor is PrettyboyBam who is their leader in chief. Maybe I caught on to them late, as they have been around since 2013 and fell under my radar.

They have already released three mixtapes but it’s more likely that because Hooligan Mobb is an independent record label, they don’t have the muscle behind them to make everyone hear them. But as I always say “focus on your content” and people will listen to you and want to link to you……if it’s hot enough. Too many artist neglect their craft and focus so much on promotion and disregard their music. I must say even though they are an independent records label. The video has a slick professional look to it as well as the sound.

They formed and emerged from the stranglehold that majors who have a monopoly on hip-hop take for granted. You know the names – Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner

But if they carry making tracks like this it won’t be long before one of the big three make a move at which point they have to make a choice.

Get swallowed up and be just another hip-hop act ? That is; A small fish in a big pond and be under someone else hood ? The advantages are more money, better production, more airplay. Disadvantages ? Less creative and financial control, easily spat out and answerable to someone else. Whatever way they go. You’re sure to hear more from them