The Future Of Hip Hop

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If we could guess what the future of hip hop would sound like tomorrow, we would make it today. One of the top songs 500 years ago was Josquin des Prez’s – Missa de Beata Virgine. 100 years ago ? Billy Murray’s In My Merry Oldsmobile. 50 years ago ? Petula Clark’s Downtown. The biggest selling single of 2015 ? The hip-hop and soul inspired Bruno Mars And Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk. That’s 500 years worth of music.

Great music does not age. Sounds from 1960’s or 1970’s are still great today. You could even go back much further to the classical composers. If anything like wine, history increases a songs value. Hip hop being the dominant music form is no different.

A great song will stand the test of time. Quality will always rise. Quality will always be appreciated and be passed down to future generations, but how the content is played, what type of content is played and how people receive that content; there in lies the future of hip-hop.

The Future Of Hip Hop; Hip-Hop Changes

In the future creating hardware will be less tasking than it is now. Euro track modules will be even more sophisticated in years to come. Even in 2015 you can obtain a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

DAw (Digital audio workstation)
without spending too much money. Alongside the purchasing of an audio interface and a controller, which does not have to be first hand and you are on your way. Depending on your view point this could be a good or a bad thing.

It could well be a bit like buying porn, were the amateurs in the main don’t cut it, and the quality stuff is left down to the professionals. That could well be the case if the increasing number of amateur music makers increase. Maybe even the use of playing instruments will also be obsolete and everything will just be sampled ?

Maybe in 50 to 100 year’s time hip hop music creation will be partly generated via thoughts ? The thought and feelings that is located in the brain with the ability to work with a DAW or a beats machine via your mind. This could be possible in the future. Will computers overtake brain power? Maybe. but I do think the virtual instrument and human mind will be close somewhat and work in tandem in years to come.

How will Stars Of Today Be Seen In The Future

Is this how Kanye will look in 40 years ?
kanye west
Rappers generally speaking don’t have a long career. This will not change in the future. Hip hop in comparison to other musical forms is still relatively new in form, starting with Kool Herc back in the early 70’s. So what will hip hop look like 40 years from now in 2055 ?

Well, originally hip hop started off as an independent art but has long since been grabbed by the majors. I see rappers challenging the stranglehold the majors (Universal, Sony and Warner) have and rappers and artists getting into distributions. As big as Kayne, Jay Z, 50 cent and Drake are they don’t control the distributions of their music.

So they could be shut down in a minute and you would never heard from them again. You think this could never happen? Ask Prince. He broke away from his ‘slave contract” away from the majors and since then he has been pretty much black listed from the music industry. You don’t really hear from him that much. Nevertheless he still says that this break was the best thing he has ever done.

Now don’t get me wrong. This won’t be easy. It’s no coincidence that Tupac, Biggie smalls who when they were both trying to control their own distribution and create their own distributions company and being successful – Look what happened to them ?

Technology And Hip-Hop And Music

Structurally and scientifically music will be more understood in future years. Hip-Hop tracks could respond to neurological stimuli within the brain and then be created for the mood you are in. In the future brain function will be better understood through raw computer power, such that technology will be able to locate how music influences a person emotions.

So instead of hip hop as an art form. Hip-hop will lie less in its creativity but more as method of science.

Hip hop will be more complex combining itself with electronic digital music. Having said that people’s desire to have physical copies of their music will not go away. Even with the growth of MP3’s and the growth of streaming services like Lala which allow uses to download all their music libraries on their mobile phones.

This underestimates the human desire for physical things. Humans desire to store physical things. The CD and vinyl will not totally collapse in 50 years. Human beings listen to music from centuries ago. The same way human beings look at paintings from centuries ago.

Past Hip Hop Predicts The Future

Hip hop music is at its peak. Dr Dre’s album blew up and was a monster hit. NWA’s bio film “Straight Outta Compton” blew up and was a monster hit. Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” has been one of the songs of the year. Iggy Azalea is doing her thing. Eminem still holding it down and of course there is always the usual hip hop beefs that Drake and Meek Mill provided. That will be the same in the future.

In the future of hip hop shows will still be made and will be the major source of income. This is why you have hip hop artists who have not released music in years, like Big Daddy Kane. Artists live via there live performance. Tours will be even more important as it will be one of the main ways an artist can earn. Jay Z can gross close to 100 million for a tour. Tours and live music will never go out of fashion.

Future hip hop artists are going have to starting grinding and working hard. Popping up for an interview when a single or album is being promoted will not be enough. There will be a reducing in the power of hip hop websites. They will exist but it won’t just be a “Let’s checkout world star” it will be more discovery based via smaller blogs and websites.

Hip hop stars in the future will also be more available, more open to their fans. Twitter will not be enough for artists in the future. Artists in the future will have to let fans into their entire lives. All that Michael Jackson, mystique and mystery stuff won’t ride in 2055. Or the rarely give interviews like Beyoncé will not be tolerated.

Finally one thing that will always remain the same is that the length of a song won’t change. But maybe hip hop music will go the way of the dinosaur and be extinct in 50 years’ time? The industrial revolution gave way to the making of modern instruments and production because of the amount of fossil fuels, but they will be obsolete in the future. Will there have to renewable energy resources for hip hop to continue?