The 10 Most Overrated Hip Hop Songs Of All Time

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Overrated Hip Hop songs ? Too many mention but here is my take

Eminen – Stan (Click To Listen)

Eminem - Stan
“Eminem, some guy is writing you 24-7, he is your number on fan !! What ? You’re gonna ignore him ? He may attempt to top himself”

Deep man. The fact that this song launched the career of Dido, that’s enough to hate this song right there. No more questions asked. This list is no order and one man’s meat is another mans poison. So this track is just to kick off this list. I remember Stan came out in 2000 (Yes it’s 14 years old…time flies eh ?) and I did not like it, then as much I do not like it now.

Can I Kick it – A Tribe Called Quest (Click To Listen)

Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest
It was a toss up between this song and Will Smiths and Jazzy Jeffs “Summertime”. I opted for this track because for one, I like Summertime and it’s not seen as much of a classic as this even though Summertime is probably the bigger and more well known track. I went for this because, when your mum likes a Hip Hop track you know you can’t be liking it. Plus it’s in every advert, every film too.

Jump Around – House Of Pain (Click To Listen)

house of pain
The Anthem – Out of all the tracks on this list, this is probably the one that has crossed over the most and this is without question the track that every time I hear it, it’s just irks me on a whole another level. You could put this on anywhere and people will jump, but it’s more hip-hop for people who don’t listen hip-hop or are not really into the music. They put on this track and they think its proper gangster. Having said that, I liked it when it first came out in 1994 (Wow, that long, yup) but I can’t stand it now.

Empire State Of Mind – Jay Z (Alicia Keys) (Click To Listen)

Jay Z Alicia keys
Jay Z is married to Beyonce, he is on that, every goddam night. That’s enough for me to not like him. As you can I see, me is jealous. No, in all seriousness. I don’t like the track, it’s one of those chorus based, sing-a-long tracks, you take the chorus out and it would be just another bog standard track. But that’s hip-hop nowadays, gotta have a catchy chorus. It’s not so much that this is a bad song, it isn’t, it’s been played out too much.

Golddigger – Kayne West (Jamie Fox) (Click To Listen)

Gold Digger
I hate the start of the track. I hate the middle. I hate the end. I hate the beat. I hate the rap. I hate Kanye in it. I Jamie Foxx in it, but apart from that it’s a great track.

In Da Club – 50 Cent (Click To Listen)

in da club
This is the one track that I was not sure as to whether to put in or not because I like it. But 50 has been dining out on this track for long enough. We at TheHipHopRecords say NO !!

Where Is The Love – Black Eyed Peas

Where is the love
You can’t knock peace and love being promoted, but with this track you can, yeah it was the start of B.E.P but to be honest, it’s not even their best track they have ever done.

Rappers Delight – Sugarhillgang (Click To Listen)

Maybe it’s sacrilege to put this in the list, after all, this is the song that got it all started, rappers delight, every other rapper, hip hop crew should bow down and pay their respects to these guys because without them, there would be no Jay Z, Kanye, Dre or Eminem


I don’t like this and yes you have to take into account, that it was first out in 1979, so rap as a commercial product was still in it’s infancy, nevertheless I feel with this track, had it not been the first track that blew up, then I do not think it would be held in the regard that it’s held in today.

Fight For Your Right To Party – Beastie Boys (Click To Listen)

beastie boys
One word. Rubbish

Walk This Way – Run (Click To Listen)

1986 was the year this song was out. Rock and Hip Hop should not mix